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by Theresa Wright


Is this a hens and chicks in a boot or a strange
looking elephant?


Here is my dad’s old work boot filled with his hens and chicks.

All I did was take a knife and cut out long slit like holes where I wanted to plant each one.

I filled the boot with dirt.

Then I dipped each plant into slightly damp dirt and pushed them into each hole.

On top I loaded the dirt with a bunch of hens and chicks. The hens and chicks filled boot looked so great.

Then last summer the weirdest thing happened. As the summer went on the front hen and chick started to grow out. By the end of summer it looked like this. From farther away it looks just like an elephant!! Can’t wait to see what it does this summer.

Comments for Hens and Chicks filled boot with elephant trunk plant.

Apr 11, 2012
Oh too funny!
by: Jacki

I’m very partial to elephants, and that certainly does look like one! Unfortunately, once they bloom, that particular rosette will die, and leave a space. Hopefully, one of the others will flower too, to make the elephants trunk.

Thanks for sharing your great planter!

Apr 11, 2012
Great idea
by: Anonymous

I love this idea and it does look just like an elephant!

Jul 05, 2015
Odd hens and chickens
by: Manny

We now have the same thing growing from our hens and chicks and are waiting to see what it’s going to do.