A Variegated Japanese Stonecrop

This unusual variety originates in Japan, where Sedum seiboldii was first found. The species has thick firm leaves with a rounded notched shape, arranged in tiers up the stiff stems.


Ultimate height of the group of arching stems is about 20cm (8″), with bright pink flowers a little higher.

Bloom happens late in the summer to fall with this species, and the variegated form is no different.

Although for most of the summer, the variegation doesn’t show, in late summer and into the fall the foliage turns a bright pink, accenting the variegation with a last vibrant blast before winter arrives and sends this species into dormancy.

As an herbaceous perennial, the stems die back and the plant re-grows from the crown in the spring.

Sedum seiboldii variegatum is great in combination with other taller border Sedum, the lower growing forms of Sedum spurium such as John Creech, and Sempervivum to form a ground cover at its feet.


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