Forsters Stonecrop

Sedum forsterianum is made up of soft blue bottle brushes, all standing upright. As the flower stalks elongate, it makes a very interesting sight, like cats tails all up in the air. The top of the stalks curls over for a long time before opening into yellow blooms.


It gives a very pretty effect during a summer shower, when the water droplets collect on the foliage.

My favorite use for Sedum forsterianum is in a Sedum tapestry where it can mingle with other textural treats.

The fine feathery foliage combines well with many other Sedum such as Sedum hispanicum ‘Blue Carpet’ and Sedum reflexum ‘Blue Spruce’.

Eventual spread is about 40cm, with a maximum height of around 10cm (4″) with the tall flower stalks over 30cm (1′) tall.


The yellow blooms are a bit top heavy and flop over, so I sometimes just cut those off to maintain the shape.

However, if these are left, they attract small black aphids, to be followed by their nemesis, the Ladybug

beetle, that little red black-spotted aphid assassin. The eggs of ladybugs are bright yellow, and hatch out into small grey alligator larvae.


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