Twiggy and unusual Stonecrop

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A unique and unusual stonecrop, Sedum populifolium has leaves resembling poplar or aspen leaves and a twiggy shrub-like deciduous growth habit.


The slightly jagged foliage in a bright green colour make this plant a good foil for other green Sedum or a background for low plants like Sempervivum. The starry white flowers are an added attraction.

I can see this Sedum used extensively in troughs or in a rockery, like a little shrub. As well, it’s got a lot of potential for miniature landscapes or even bonsai.

There are several planted in the miniature castle garden that I built two years ago, and they’re thriving in the perfect drainage and full sun exposure.


This plant as I’ve found out, roots so easily even from quite woody branches, it’s easy to make lots of little trees.

A new one for me is Sedum populifolium ‘Janet Poor’, which I’ll be trialing right alongside my regular species; the main difference so far is that it has very pretty pale pink flowers, instead of the creamy white of the species.


I’ve had fun training a few cuttings in bonsai pots – it roots so quickly and easily that you can probably get a nice specimen in only a few years.

It’s incredibly drought tolerant, although it does tend to be brittle and easily broken, so you need to be careful handling it. I prune it hard to get new growth lower down on the sometimes leggy growth.

I recommend this for a very informal cascade style. This one is rooted over a rock, which is starting to show a nice mossy appearance.


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