Show your Love…

Heart shapes have been used (sometimes accidentally) in gardens for centuries – are gardeners trying to say something?


Carving or pruning the shape of a heart in a hedge, or growing ivy on a heart shaped trellis, there is no lack of ways to use hearts in your garden.

Heart shaped hole in a hedge

Even some plants seem to grow in this shape naturally;

Sempervivum are fascinating plants at the best of times…

Trees may naturally form a heart shape – but it’s always spectacular when you see it in nature.

Heart shaped tree in full bloom

This picture could have been helped along by lovers carving their initials in the bark, but then nature started to heal it over, causing this amazing heart shape on the tree trunk.

Bark scarred in the shape of a heart

Crafts of all kinds lend themselves to creating hearts.

This Heart Tin Mosaic also uses Sempervivum
How Thyme Flies – when you’re having fun

Even stacking wood can create the pattern of a heart, especially when one of the logs is cut from a heart shaped tree.

A wood pile, focused on a wooden heart

Thinly sliced hearts of wood make great wind chimes or danglers.

Thin slices of heart shaped tree trunks

Hearts of Stone can be found all over – keep a look out for these on your travels

If you look down at just the right time, you could spot a stone shaped like a heart – they seem to show up just when you need a little love.

A stone heart in a pathway
A heart in the hand is worth two in the field
Heart shaped stone in a creek

Leaves often form in a heart shape, or sometimes nature gives it a hand with an insect or some kind of damage.

Heart shaped leaf in glowing fall colors
Green leaf in a heart shape
Insect bitten leaf with a heart shaped hole

Don’t forget to look up once in a while – you could spot a cloud in the shape of a heart too.


Other weather conditions lend themselves to heart formation, like frost on a window pane.

Nature provides some fleeting garden love for us, like these hearts formed in the ice on a window…

Collecting your own seeds from the garden? Keep the love going, and give them as gifts in these heart seed packages;


Thanks to Garden Therapy for this one…

Craving comfort? See the fabulous quilts here; I can imagine using these to snuggle up on a twiggy chair on the porch, sipping hot tea;


No Calorie Candy

Sometimes, twigs are bent into different shapes, as a decorative accent to make a rustic shutter more interesting…


Twiggy; Rusty; Shabby…

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