Tiniest Stonecrop species

The meaning of the name, brevifolium, is ‘abbreviated leafed’ or ‘brief foliaged’ which is totally apt. Sedum brevifolium is probably the shortest species in my garden, attaining a height of a mere millimeter (less than 1/8″).


A carpet of these tiny plants can eventually spread, and in its favorite position of sun drenched rocks it makes a ground cover of dusty blue. I’ve never seen it bloom, so I can’t tell you more about that.

I grow this tiny species in a special place on top of my rock wall, mostly to protect it from damage by animals, and also to prevent it being choked out by the more aggressive growth of other species and varieties planted close by.


This interesting flat rock has a hole in the center, so the shallow roots are protected by the rock, which also warms in the sun, and additionally, stores some moisture under it for this wee plant to use.

It seems to thrive, even though it’s never watered.

In time, I’m hoping that it will spread and I can propagate it. The leaves are very delicately attached, so they fall off easily. This will help it to colonize a larger area in time.



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