Stonecrops that pass the grueling test
of my xeric garden

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These varieties and species of Sedum are tested vigorously in my xeric garden.

Although they may be new to me, in many cases they’re established in the nursery trade, and fully accepted as superior garden plants – but they still must pass the challenge of growing in the conditions in my Zone 5 garden. 


They are trialed using the ‘benign neglect’ system – they may get watered a couple of times right after planting, but they are on their own after that.  If they can survive my conditions, they’re tough enough to promote as a good garden plant. 

If they keel over, or just don’t thrive, they’re not put into production, and I don’t recommend them to other gardeners.

Any new Sedum that doesn’t thrive in my garden is culled, and never offered for sale.

These are the very best of all new Sedum varieties and species:

More for 2013

After a wonderful visit from a collector in Salmon Arm, B.C. who didn’t come empty handed, these new Sedum are bound to be popular additions to the collection;

Some have already been sent to customers in random Sedum cutting collections, so they can get them planted right away in their containers and gardens.

The second visit by the ‘Plant Geeks’ as I call them, brought even more goodies;

The first batch of new babies

Sedum borschii ‘Anna Shallock’- small and fine textured, great in my hypertufa crags and strata planters.

Sedum cyaneum ‘Willy Bellot’- rapidly becoming one of my all time favorites – very unusual taupe to green colored rounded foliage.  This does not look even closely related to one of my other favorite plants, Sedum cyaneum ‘Rose Carpet’ which is where it all began.

Sedum lydium – delicate and well behaved green moss like growth

Sedum middendorfianum – odd looking little thing, but it has potential

Sedum selskianum – fuzzy stems with fine textured foliage.

New Sedum for 2012:

Sedum hakonense ‘Chocolate Ball’ didn’t make the grade, so has been cut from the line up.

Sedum album athoun

Sedum spathufolium purpureum

Sedum seiboldii ‘Variegatum’

Here are a few new Sedum for 2011:

Sedum ewersii

Sedum griffithsii

Sedum niveum

Sedum obtusifolium

Sedum x ‘Moonglow’

Here’s more, they said;

Sedum populifolium – although I already offer this species, this particular clone is from Janet Poor and is supposedly a smaller version of the regular species. Time will tell.  Update; I just discovered that this has pink flowers – very sweet.

Sedum sichotense

Sedum fabaria borderi

Sedum ‘Sunset Cloud’ (didn’t like living here, and died overwinter)

Sedum ellacombianaum

Sedum spectabile from Steven Ward

Sedum album ‘Twickel’

Sedum introduced in 2010:

Sedum oreganum

Sedum selskianum variegatum

Sedum spurium ‘Voodoo’ –Fleuro Select Quality award winner, has darkest purple almost black foliage accented with bright pink flowers.

Sedum ussuriense ‘Turkish Delight’ – round fat burgundy leaves and carmine flowers.

So where do I get new additions to my ever growing collection of Sedum varieties and species?

Well, now that the word is out, other collectors and gardeners offer them to me as an unrooted cutting or two, (‘go ahead, just snap off a piece, I don’t mind!’) or as a swap.