Fine textured and tiny

Sedum lydium lives up to its name – lydium means ‘beautiful’ in Latin, the language of botanical names. The pink blushed foliage always looks fresh, and the tiny texture of it will drape over the edge of a pot to soften the planting, but it’s never aggressive.


If it gets out of hand (rarely) or if you just want to plant it in another container, snip off a few of the longer sprouts and stick it in wherever you want it to grow. This tiny plant is perfect for hypertufa pinch pots or other little gemlike containers.

It gets aerial roots as soon as the growth reaches a few centimeters (an inch or so) long, so it’s ready to root and grow. Just pinch off a few stems, and plug it in.

According to other sources, this one is shy to bloom – but it is well worth it when it does; sweet little white flowers which are unbelievably beautiful under magnification.



Sedum for Containers