White Creeping Stonecrop; a garden classic

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There are many different forms of Sedum album. It’s commonly grown on green roofs, but also very pretty in rockery gardens and containers too.


The leaves are tiny, puffy jellybeans, arranged on small upright stems. The stems will form roots and each leaf that falls will make a new plant, but it’s never invasive.

The species is green foliaged, with starry white blooms held above on wiry stems.

Some forms that are available have burgundy, bronze or dark red leaves, changing with the seasons. In most cases, the flowers are pink or white.

Sedum album needs little water once established, and will form a clump of around 30cm (1′) across with time. Height is 5cm (2″), with flower stalks of 10cm (4″).

With little maintenance required, this great little plant happily colonizes your garden.



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