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by Jackie
(Long Island, NY)

Hello –

I made an amateur mistake and over-watered my echeveria plant that I got from Portugal last May.

It had one central head and 4 smaller heads surrounding that.

The topsoil seemed dry so I assumed the bottom soil was as well. Well, it wasn’t and my poor plant got blackroot.

I managed to save 4 of the heads and have replanted them. I hope they make it.

My question is: The root still has a strong solid stem going up the middle, but it is very dark in color – not green at all.

Should I bother replanting this in dry soil or just throw it away?

  • Jackie

Drought Smart Plants reply:
I would say if you’ve managed to salvage some of the plant, and it doesn’t sound as though the remaining part will make it, cut your losses.

Overwatering is the one thing that is guaranteed to kill most succulents, Echeveria are no exception.

Learn from this mistake, and just make absolutely sure that your pots have a good drainage hole, and you use fast draining potting soil.

This way, if they do get overwatered, they stand some chance of surviving it.

Good luck with your Echeveria!

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