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by Tom
(Loachapoka, Alabama, USA)

I bought two Garden Tiles of sedum for the first time.

As I was ctting them into squares for placment, the plastic netting came off the bottom of all of them, pulling off the little mat of roots.

I went ahead and placed the squares on the tilled soil, but I’m worried that I’ve killed them by pulling off the root mat. It’s been 24 hours and they still look good. Is there anything I should be doing, or did I kill them?

Drought Smart Plants reply: Tom, take a deep breath, stop worrying!

Sedum is the toughest plant in all creation, and losing a few roots is not a cause for concern. They will quickly replace them, and start growing. It will take a bit of time for them to do that, but in the meantime, there is nothing that you can do except put them on ignore.

If it gets really hot, make sure you give them a bit of water, but in most cases, they’ll be fine and recover without any extra care.

Happy Sedum Gardening!