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by Emma


Jelly Bean Plant

This is my jelly bean plant. I don’t understand why all the beans fell off when I bought it. Now it is just the stem and the beans at the top. Do you know what is wrong with it?

Drought Smart Plants reply:

Hi Emma,
I’ve moved this into the Ask the Horticulturist thread, as it’s more appropriate.

The problem with this little guy, called Sedum rubrotinctum, is that the ‘beans’ are very loosely attached and the slightest change to their environment can dislodge them. Each one, if left in a dry place in bright light, will eventually form its own root system. In this fashion, the plant will form a colony, eventually covering a large area like a ground cover.

My suggestion would be to cut off the tops, and stick those into some new well drained soil in a sunny window, where they can root and form a better shaped plant. But wait! That’s not all! You can get two plants for the price of one, as the leggy stems will most likely sprout out several new tops, making a bushy little plant as well.

The beauty of Sedum of all kinds is that you can take one plant and end up with lots for a lush full planter. I would sprinkle the ‘beans’ on a sunny patio, close to the edge where they will root happily with no care from you, and plant the other parts in a mixed patio planter.

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