wow, eye popping colour!


This picture tells a story – the girls all glow with eagerness and happiness on this big day – even though you can’t see their faces!

The gorgeous flowers are vibrant against the bridesmaids classic black, flanking the lovely bride in white.

Notice the long dangling trails of Amaranthus, or Love Lies Bleeding.

Other flowers in the bouquets are red roses, purple Clematis and purple painted succulents. You would never guess that some of these ‘flowers’ are not flowers at all, but plants!

Flowers arranged by Cattleya Chic. All pictures on this page by Melissa Rae Photography.

Comments for Purple and Magenta Wedding ‘Flowers’

Jan 31, 2012
by: Maribelle

Oh, my. Those are the most fabulous arrangements of flowers I’ve ever seen. I even see some Hydrangea in there, with big blue clusters of blooms.

I’ll be bookmarking this page to show to my friends…and the florist who is doing my wedding flowers!