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by Jacki
(Grand Forks, B.C.)


Too sweet!

What could be cuter than an old fashioned teacup filled with Sempervivum and spilling over with Sedum for your guests to take home with them?

Old tea cups, especially those without saucers, can be found in thrift stores, Grannies basement, or at garage sales. Start well in advance of your big day, because you’ll need one per guest.

Tuck in a couple of Sempervivum hens and chicks plugs, with a spray or two of Sedum stonecrop for a genuinely charming little display.

Don’t forget to tell your guests to plant these outside, as these are hardy succulents, not houseplants. They will carry on just as if they never went to a wedding, and will live for years to be a permanent reminder of your happy event.

Comments for Tea Cup Wedding Favors

Jun 07, 2015

*Just Wonderful *
by: Jennie

I am loving this all of this !

Soon I will make some up !

I need to get a few more floral supplies first.

I also need to get some more varieties of succulents for color and texture ….

I am addicted …. Thank you so much for all you do ~ Jennie ~