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by Stacy
(Wichita, ks)

I bought a flapjack in march along with 2 other succulants and potted them together. all have done well except for the flapjack. All of the leaves on the flapjack got droopy and soft with black spots and fell off til there was nothing left but the stem. Can i regrow the leaves or the stem? Is there anyway to save it?

Drought Smart Plants reply: Oh, that doesn’t sound good.

If the stem is still firm and not squishy, there is a chance, however, I would get it out of the pot with the others, and discard the root portion.

Cut the stem into segments, each with some of the scars where leaves used to be, as this is where new growth comes out. Let the cut parts dry, overnight or even longer.

Then put them (top side up of course – make sure you keep track of this) into dry well drained potting mix.

This part is very important; don’t water.

Only water once roots have started to come out of the stem, which you will know if you tug very gently on it. Then use tepid (lukewarm) water, and don’t use any water that has gone through a softening unit, as the salts and chemicals used in this process is very harmful to plants.

Best of luck with your plant!