by Dilly Barlow
(Lewes, East Sussex)


Approx 12 inches high and 12 inch spread with bright pink flower clusters which bloomed just before Christmas and is still in flower.

It was given to me as a present last year and is growing well. Although not so many flowers this year.

Hi Dilly, what an absolutely gorgeous plant. It resembles nothing more than one of the best known Kalanchoe species, Kalanchoe blossfeldiana, or Flaming Katie.

This one appears unusual, in that it has double flowers. The blooms usually are a much simpler form, and come in all colors of the rainbow (well, white, pink, yellow and red and many shades in between).

You can see more here: Kalanchoe species.

Delving further, Dave’s Garden Website has more information on Calandavidas which I think this must be – congratulations! Gorgeous plant, with the most amazing blooms.

Best of luck with your lovely flowering succulent,