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by Allaya
(New York)


Probably one of the healthiest plants I own…the flowers never die!

It has flat, thickish green, waxy leaves and has clusters of white flowers with a pink center. The flower clusters are between 5 and 10 per cluster. Truthfully, I’m not exactly sure if it’s a succulent, but the thickness of the leaves made me come to this as a possible conclusion. Thanks! 🙂

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Jan 04, 2011

The Beautiful and Prolific Kalanchoe
by: Jacki

The Kalanchoe blossfeldiana group have to be the most commonly grown succulents, and rightfully so. Most indoor gardeners and houseplant aficionados have at one time or another been given this plant as a gift, or been unable to resist the gorgeous long lasting blooms, usually in red, orange, pink or yellow. I’ve never seen one with the pink blush like this one, very pretty.

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The No-Name Succulent Plant

May 13, 2011

by: Anonymous

Does anybody know a name for this???

May 13, 2011

Botanical or Common Name?
by: Jacki

The correct Latin name is Kalanchoe blossfeldiana, which is quite a mouthful. One of the common names for these plants is Flaming Cathy, or Flaming Katy. I usually encourage people to use the Latin name, as this is the same everywhere on the globe, but some of the common names are fun.