Build Your Own Patio with DIY Patio Blocks,
Flagstones or Pavers

Most patio design ideas start with two simple concepts – the area must be well drained, and it must be level.


Building a flagstone patio in a poorly drained area on a slope is an invitation to disaster.

The whole premise behind building a paver patio or one with patio blocks is to make a low maintenance, flat spot to put a couple of chairs and a table for relaxing and enjoying your rustic or xeric garden.

Patio design ideas can be simple – a square just outside your back door for a spot to sit and have a quick cup of coffee, or elaborate – multi leveled with stairs between the levels, dramatic changes in materials, or outlined in rock retaining walls.

Each extra thing that you add will change the complexity, adding to the challenge.

Decide on your level of ambition when determining your patio design ideas. My philosophy is to keep it simple – otherwise known as the KISS principle. Don’t get carried away with too much extra stuff – think of your patio as a showcase for plants and a comfortable place to enjoy them.

A flagstone patio has a much more rustic and romantic feel to it. A more formal design would be to use square pavers in a rigid grid pattern or geometric lay out.

Your xeric garden style will tell you which patio landscaping is right for you. If your garden beds are oval, round or curved, then a rustic look will fit in cohesively.

Garden beds with straight lines, an axis with hedges forming garden rooms will look best with square or rectangular patio blocks.

Flesh out the design with lush plantings and colorful flowers. 

Soften the edges of a formal garden with overflowing planters.

Imagine pathways spilling over with healthy growing thyme or succulents to give any garden a romantic feel. 

Courtyard gardens are the perfect accent to an entrance and the perfect place to put pocket gardens.

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