Funny Garden Sign Sayings all about Thyme

I love to paint funny thyme sayings on rustic weathered barn boards or driftwood signs to accent my xeric garden.


I have enjoyed this a lot, and I seem to have collected a lot of ‘thymely’ sayings along the way that fit so well with my choices in plants.

I’ve improved my painting techniques too, over time. No pun intended!

Learning how to make the lettering all fit on the piece of lumber is difficult, but it’s starting to get easier. The more you do, the less challenging it gets.

This extensive list was compiled by Jacki Cammidge, Rick and Tammie Cammidge and Joyce Cammidge who have had fun with it too; the list keeps growing…


Do you have thyme to read this?

Tea thyme

Thyme for tea

Thyme was

Lost in thyme

Thyme out

Thyme is money

Get there in half the thyme

Full thyme

Part thyme

Thyme after thyme

This year, next year, some thyme

Only thyme will tell

No thyme like the present

Thyme remembered

Better thymes are on the way


Thyme is of the Essence…

It’s about thyme!

There’s thyme enough

A moment in thyme

The space/thyme continuum

Just like old thymes

Thyme to go

Make thyme for yourself

Have a good thyme

Greenwich mean thyme

Thymes change


How Thyme flies when you’re having fun

For old thymes sake

The best of thymes

The right thyme

Old thyme dances

Thyme is precious

A stitch in thyme saves nine

Peace thyme

Stormy thymes

Summer thyme

Party thyme


Never Enough Thyme…

Planting thyme

Harvest thyme

Once upon a thyme…

Thymely advice

Future thyme

Fight thyme

Air thyme

Thyme of arrival

Departure thyme

Thyme en route


Once Upon a Thyme

Lap thyme

Thyme between overhauls

Thyme to escape

Elapsed thyme

Shutter thyme

Velocity = distance / thyme

Eating thyme

Mating thyme

‘til the end of thyme

Is this enough thyme for you?

The quotes below were contributed by some of the visitors to this site:

We have plenty of thyme

Thyme waits for no one

Dinner thyme

Supper thyme

Since the beginning of thyme

The first thyme

Thyme to pause

Next thyme

This thyme

Thymes change

Thyme is on our side

Sorry, we’re out of thyme…

Old Chinese Curse; May you live in interesting Thymes…

Can you think of anymore? If so, I would love to hear them! Please contact me.

Here are some more punny thymely sayings sent in by Joyce:

One thyme only.

The only thyme.

Your thyme is your own.

There was a thyme when…

Pencil in the due thyme

Thyme for a check up

This is no thyme to be modest

The land that thyme forgot

Let the thyme take care of itself

This is not the right thyme

You were right, that thyme

You won’t get away with it, this thyme!

Tell me the thyme

What thyme is it?

I love this thyme of day!

Before your thyme

Jude wrote in to say this:

You and Joyce and your thyme puns are adorable.

Each year, I pull up my volunteer thyme, and either leave pots by the mail box with a punning sign, or put the puns on popsicle stick markers in little pots for my village library’s plant and book sale.

Oh…it’s going to be hard to choose my puns this year!

Here are a few I’ve used for my little posters and markers:

Take your time

Make some thyme for yourself.

Could you use a little thyme here?

Thyme to go!

Lots of thyme.

Pause for a thyme.

Save some thyme.

Thyme steps (I used this when I place the pots on a small step stool)

In no thyme at all…

it’s thyme to go – Til next thyme

Janet says; Love your list of thyme puns. Here are a few more. I apologize if some of these were already listed:

Thyme is on my (your) side… So many weeds; so little thyme. If I could save Thyme in a bottle… Jim Croce song Thyme in a bottle. (title of Jim Croce song) Thyme and thyme again

Janet, those are all new to the list – thank you!


It’s about Thyme

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