Pseudacris regilla

Well hidden and secretive, the Pacific Tree Frogs in my xeric garden are fun to try and find.


Habitually, they frequently hang out in my hand pump on the rain barrel, and you can see by the look on their faces that they’re totally disgusted when you don’t see them and pump some water, washing them out into the watering can.


They are well hidden in some cases, not so much in others.  They come in various shades of brown with darker markings, or in a bright green. 

They seem to change color over weeks or sometimes more quickly. 

I know this because they are so territorial, staying in the same spot either singly or in a couple for a long time.


They hide under fabric or plastic, or a rusty tin pot, where they’re out of the sun. 

An old rug over the handrail of the porch attracts them, where they’ll be well hidden, until night falls.  Then they sneak out and do a bit of hunting – mostly flies and moths.

They will snuggle up to a pop bottle, which maintains a bit of dampness too. 

Although they don’t live in a pond as adults they do like to keep moist, which is why you can find them under plastic tarps where moisture condenses. 

Their skin, if you touch it, is cool and damp. They prefer that you not touch them as our skin has oils that will affect them.

Tree Frog Pictures

These pictures will give you an idea of just how well these little reptiles stay hidden. 

If it wasn’t for the fact that some of them are bright green, you would never see them as they stay so still.

Watch out for frogs hiding in water barrels…
Snuggled into crannies in wooden beams in a greenhouse…
Swinging from a wire when they’re disturbed from a deep snooze…
Hiding in the rain chain…
From the other side of the rain chain…
In an unusual group of two…
Under or inside a discarded sock…
Emerging from the sock…
Or on a piece of garden statuary…

If you’re lucky enough to have Pacific Tree Frogs in your garden, listen for their croaking song on warm nights in late summer and fall – you may even be able to prime them into singing with a repetitive scraping or scratching sound. 

Try it!