You Choose; DIY or Buy Ready Made

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If you’re handy and can make your own little accessories, you’re well ahead of the game.

There is nothing like finding natural supplies like pine cones, acorns or twigs and gluing them together to make bird houses, wings or other fun furniture.


Even something as simple as a ‘log’ across a dry streambed, or a large flat rock as a patio can be enough to emulate a real size landscape.

Pathways, swings and tiny gazebos all add to the fun, for you and the fairies.

I use some easy to find craft items like bamboo skewers, craft sticks and twigs to make tiny garden accessories. You can make benches, chairs and other fun furniture for the tiny folk to sit on.


However if you aren’t as thrilled to do your own miniature furniture, luckily, there are lots online that you can purchase.

Fairy Garden Furniture from Amazon;