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by patsy monk
(Parrish Florida)

I was given a cutting of a Magic Bells and was told it is soooo easy to grow.

No instructions on how to root it came with it, it was in water and is a thick stem about 10″ long with several big leaves

Some literature said this is s type of Kalanchoe
It has been putting out some growth in the week I have had it, but it was still in water and the end in water is looking filmy.

It was suggested ‘loose’ soil.

The large leaves are also putting out what looks like root like growth.

I have moved it to a moist cactus soil with additional perlite.

Thanks for any assistance

Comments for Mahic Bells plant

Feb 18, 2015
by: Jacki

I think you mean Magic Bells? That’s the only thing that makes sense, and other than that, I don’t know this plant, and there is no picture.

So, here goes; from your description, you’re trying to root this in the same way as many other houseplants, in a jar of water? This is the wrong way to propagate these. Get it out of the water right

W now! They need to be dry to produce roots, which in water obviously they are not.

Take it out of the water and put it on some paper towel for at least a couple of days, and hopefully it’s not too late.

Take any flowers off it, if it’s got any.

Stick the lower end of the cutting into DRY potting soil / cactus soil.

Don’t water (I know, it doesn’t sound good, right?)

Wait a week, the start to spray the surface of the soil with tepid (warm) water.

Continue to do this until it shows signs of recovering ie: new growth, the leaves look better etc.

I’m a little confused because you describe the end of the cutting, but then say that you’ve planted it in the soil??? If you’ve planted it, then just relax and wait patiently, it will root as long as it hasn’t rotted from the water treatment.

All of these kinds of plants prefer to be shipped dry, without any kind of damp wrapping etc. They need to be calloused, which only happens in dry air.

I suggest you look on this page about succulent propagation for more detailed instructions.