by Karen
(Bulls Gap TN USA)


Hi I have new Rose Bushes I have Planted. They are the Knockout Roses. They all of a sudden are shooting up like this. Way past the Rose Bush itself. And have Purplish Leaves and many Blooms is this Normal? Thank You for answering My Questions. I am a new Rose grower and haven’t a Clue. I Live in East TN. I have attached a Photo of the Rose Bush hope it will help. Thank You again sincerely Karen 🙂

Comments for New Rose Grower

Jun 01, 2021

by: Jacki Cammidge, Certified Horticulturist

Roses have two different types of growth; sometimes, generally later in the growing season, the growth will be finer, with more branches.

Early on though, they show these vigorous types of canes. The ones on your plant look like part of the Knock Out rose, but sometimes, if the plant is grafted, shoots will emerge from the root stock.

These can be extremely vigorous, and take over and the grafted part will die out. This is why it’s important to figure out if the shoots come from the root stock, or from above the graft.

There are lots of roses nowadays that are grown on their own roots, from cuttings, not grafted. In which case, no worries!

The reddish colour is an indication of the bloom colour. This will fade out to green as the leaves mature, and isn’t a sign of anything sinister.

Your plant looks quite happy and healthy, no need to change anything you’re doing. Just double check where the new growth is coming from – above or below the graft.