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by Wendy Lerner
(Thornville, Ohio, USA)


Good morning from Ohio. My 1 year old grandson(so my son and daughter-in-law) got this for me for Mother’s Day this year.

I’ve never had a succulent before. It came like this, runners and top.

What do or can I do with the runners? I think this is multiple plants. I’m thinking about taking it to to my local garden center for help, but thought I’d ask you first.
Can you give any insight?
Thank you.

Wendy in Ohio zone 6

Comments for Mother’s Day

Jun 12, 2019
by: Jacki Cammidge, Certified Horticulturist

What a thoughtful gift. However, this is a Sempervivum, which only can be grown successfully outdoors, including for the winter.

So what I suggest is to cut off some of the babies and plant them outside in your garden, somewhere that gets a lot of light, and also in well drained soil. Then put the remaining container out on the patio.

It looks like it’s been kept in extremely dim conditions, which is why it’s going pale and stretching.

It is multiple plants, but the picture isn’t clear enough for me to tell what the trailing part is. Sorry.

Anyway, more on how to grow Sempervivum here.