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by Tek
(Norwich UK)

I have a Crassula Buddhas Temple succulent which when I bought it was straight but as its grown it is leaning over and doesnt stand up without sticks for support.( The whole thing fell over recently and has killed off some of the leaves) I dont know the best way to mantain it, I also have pachyphytum oviferum which i have the same issue with, what would you suggest the best way to keep/mantain these types of succulents?
If I cut the top off and plant that will this be ok for the ‘main plant’.
Any advice you may have would be appreciated.

Hi Tek, you’re on the right track! I often ‘remake’ my plants, by taking cuttings from them, and either making an entirely new plant which replaces the original, or just increasing my supply.

The odd thing that I’ve noticed is that the plants that I produce from cuttings are in general, much healthier and more vigorous than the parent plant.

I have no real thoughts on why this is so, except that in some cases the soil that these poor plants are in from the greenhouse is not the correct soil. I’ve seen some very odd choices of soil, mostly peat based mixes for many succulent plants, which if they are overwatered, can be fatal.

Anyway, I would just trim back the parts that are falling over, and propagate those. This will do two things; first, it will stop the plant from toppling and getting damaged, and it will also force them to branch out and become more compact. Oh, and yes, there is a third thing; you can root the pieces you remove, and get more plants!

See more on pruning succulent plants, or buy the book:

Comments for Growing and mantainance for Crassula

Jun 22, 2012
by: Tek

Thanks for your help, thats very useful, I have cut and repotted it now. I have a few different succulents so will probably have more questions if thats ok?

You bet! That’s why I’m here. Ask away starting a new post each time, so we can find them again.