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by Lori
(Fenelon Falls Ontario Canada)


This plant has similar leaves to a snake; stiff but short and lots of them…my problem with is that it is overgrown in the pot…but the bugger keeps growing….I think I need to separate it.

Hi Lori, oddly, this is called ‘Snake Plant’ or Sanseveria. You can see more about them on this page.

These are tough, resilient plants, and although they are not as popular as they once were, they still merit a place in challenging conditions.

They can withstand dim light, drought and neglect, and they do exactly what yours is doing; refuse to die, and continue to produce more plants.

You can easily separate them and repot them into new pots; I would use several plants together in a clump so that they make a better looking plant. Besides, if you did each one separately, you’ll have millions of them!

Happy Succulent Growing!