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by Alice
(Bristo, England)

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I’ve managed to identify this plant from your pages, so thank you for that! And I also saw a similar question asked from someone else, but it wasn’t exactly the same and I didn’t want to do the wrong thing.

I found this succulent discarded on the street and thought I would take it to a new home (I live in the south west of England. So I’ll definitely be keeping this new friend indoors)

It continued to wrinkle no matter what I did. And now it looks like a collection of shriveled old over-cooked green beans.

Am I able to save it? or is it too late??
Thank you!

Comments for can I save it??

Sep 13, 2016

Poor Goblin Fingers
by: Jacki

You haven’t said what you did.

“It continued to wrinkle no matter what I did”. Sometimes the wrinkling is in response to all kinds of stress, not just underwatering.

It can be caused by root rot, which is what I suspect in this case. Often, the soil that these poor things is planted in is totally the wrong thing, or the plants have elastic bands tightly wrapped on the roots, which of course, has the predicted results.

I would take it out of the pot, remove the soil and see what’s what. You really have no idea how cruelly treated the poor thing has been over its life.

Here’s a page on a similar kind of plant; Why is my succulent dying? You may also want to refresh your methods of succulent care here.

If all else fails, take cuttings and discard the roots altogether. This page will give you the information you need for that.

So in answer to your question; no, it’s not too late to save it, as long as there are still leaves on it