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by Amjad
(Amman,Jordan )


Hello jacki,
well, it’s spring time,so we will be banging questions all day,sorry!!!

I have this lithops I brought from germany.

It is in this stage, some say that it should be put in shade with no water, others in full sun, with water.

It’s a summer grower isn’t it? I put on window sill.

What do you think?

Lithops are odd little creatures; as young plants, they actually prefer more moisture and less light, thinking of their natural habitat, they would most likely germinate in rocky and stony soil, possibly beside a larger rock, or in the shade of a larger plant.

Too bright of light could send them into dormancy and prevent them from growing a bit. They are very slow to grow out of this stage.

I’m worried about the soil that you have used. Lithops are very particular about their drainage.

Again, where they have originated, the soil is extremely well drained, sandy and pebbly. They will not be happy in a rich, highly nutritious or water retaining mix, which it appears the soil in this pot is.

Dave’s Garden Website says this about these plants.

Hope that helps,