by Sarah
(Dallas TX)


I bought this Hydrangea from a Lowes about 4 years ago, and I have not been able to find another one like it. It has two rows of petals rather than one on each bloom. Please help!

Hi Sarah, not sure what your question is, but if you want more of these, you do know that they’re really easy to grow from cuttings, right?

Simple select a few of the non-flowering shoots about three to five inches long with two nodes (where the leaves come out of the stem) and cut the leaves in half (they may not be able to support the full sized leave before they root) and then fill a plastic bag up to about a quarter full of sterilized, dampened potting soil.

I use rooting hormone for this kind of plant, dipping the cut end of the stem into the powder.

Then stick the cuttings (that’s a technical term for inserting the lower end about half an inch or so into the potting soil).

Then, blow into the bag to keep the plastic away from the cuttings, and also to add carbon dioxide to their atmosphere, and tie the bag closed.

Put it in a shady spot, like under a tree for at least a month or two.

After that, you can start to check if they are rooted; observe the bottom of the bag, to see if there are white roots showing, or gently tug on the cuttings.

If they’re rooted, you can start to slowly give them more air, and eventually pot them into pots to grow for a bit longer. By the end of the summer, you could be the proud owner of a lot of these gorgeous plants.

Best of luck with your propagation, and welcome to my passion!

Comments for Mystery Hydrangea

Jul 15, 2013

official hydrangea name/type of hydrangea
by: sarah

This particular plant died. I had it potted and was living in an apartment and it grew too fast for rhe planter. I was hoping to get the official name of the type of hydrangea this is. As all the pictures of hydrangeas online do not look like this one.

Oh, okay, so you’re looking for an identity? Sorry, it wasn’t clear what you were asking!

There seem to be several Japanese hybrids that could be similar here;

Hydrange ‘Izo No Hana’

H. ‘Jogisaki’

Are those what you’re looking for? Just do a search for Hydrangea on the plant search page for more.

Hope that helps!