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by Thommas
(London UK)

Hi, I could you please tell me if it possible to use the mix of the hypertufa to make paving stones in the shape of a tile 30cm x 30 cm like ones in street pavement.

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Mar 07, 2011

Hypertufa – tiles
by: Jacki

Hi Thommas, I see no reason why you can’t make hypertufa into any shape you want, including tile shaped. Keep in mind that if you don’t have enough cement powder, it may have the tendency to either grow lots of moss, or get too moist in contact with the ground and crack if there is frost. If you set the tiles into a sand bed for drainage, you should be fine.

See this site for how to make rhubarb leaves into paving stones for more ideas:
Rhubarb Stepping Stones.

Mar 07, 2011

More information
by: Jacki

Patty also had this to say on Facebook:

“Hypertufa will not hold up like pavers that baked clay as they degrade much quicker…maybe a benefit if you want them to look worn down by traffic. You will need to add some kind of wire support (hardware cloth etc) to keep them from cracking under the weight of someone stepping on them. The thicker they are the less likely that will happen by the way. Hope this helps.”

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