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I have some kind of damage going on with some of my plants, my jades in particular, but a hindu rope plant as well.

Seems like it might be the same “disease”. I’m including 4 pictures below.

If you can identify the problem and tell me how to fix it, I would truly be grateful. These are plants my husband left with me when he passed away on June 30th of this year and I don’t want to lose them. But he was the green thumb in the family not me.

Many thanks for any help you can provide. regards, Jeanette

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Aug 21, 2016

Cold damage?
by: Jacki

Is the damage soggy? This looks like nothing so much as cold damage, such as if the plant got frosted. Is it possible they were right next to a cold air vent for an air conditioner?

You don’t say if these plants have always been in the same area, or if you’ve recently moved them.

Things to do;
Stop watering. That will only make things worse, and cause a lot of rotting.

If possible, cut the damaged parts away, and make sure the plant is in a well ventilated area, with bright indirect light – not full sun through a window.

When you water, use tempered (warmed) water, either rain water or that has run through a water filter, not a water softener, which uses salt, which, you guessed it, plants don’t like.

As these two plants are from totally different genera, this is most likely not a disease, but some kind of environmental damage. If by some chance it is a disease, it would be most likely to be a bacterial infection. The same guidelines apply; good air flow, low watering, bright and warm environment.

I hope this helps to get your plants back on track. Please keep us posted!

May 02, 2018

update on plants
by: Jeanette

Well the jade plant died. It wasn’t any kind of cold or frost bite problem, but never could figure out what happened to it. I had others though, and they are doing pretty well. I think they are something like “Hamlins sunset jades”.

I also have a silver dollar jade that is always “iffy”. Maybe I’ll find time to photo and write in about that one too.

I took two cuttings from the hoya in as clean and fresh areas as I could find on the disease riddled plant and managed to root them in water. I transplanted them into a pot with soil after a few months and they are looking very healthy now and growing. I let the “mother” plant die away- sadly, but her progeny live on.

I think the hoya needed more light. I had moved it after my husband passed.

May 02, 2018

by: Jacki

Thanks for the update, Jeanette!