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Hello again Jacki,
you just have to bear with my flux of questions
since i’m a new “addict” to succulents ,
they are really addictive…….
thank you for your previous reply,it helped a lot, you sell rooted or unrooted cuttings(soil free) to be sent overseas by mail???
what would be the estimate cost of a cut?? there a best time for propagation of succulents ,i did a lot in fall
with much success ,but is it ok to propagate in spring??

Thanx alot

Hi Amjad, no worries about asking questions – I like the challenge!

I don’t send plants, seeds or cuttings overseas – mostly because many countries have nurseries with similar products, and it costs so much just to do the paperwork – so sorry!

I propagate succulents any time – they will root equally well in the spring, as long as the growth is not too sappy and full of juice. Mid summer is actually the best, when they have longer days and dry, warm conditions. If you have grow lights set up for them in the winter, you can certainly start them there if you have room.

I guess the only rule is, there are no rules!

Best of luck with your addiction!