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by Jody Huffman


Delicate and Potent?


My coworker gave me these leaves which are to be placed in a pan with a little water to heat up, thereafter, to be applied to the pain area. I would like to know the name of the plant. My friend is of Hmong Culture, he states it has red stems, grows about 3 feet tall or so, very hearty, grows like weed.

Thank you for your time…

Jody πŸ™‚

Drought Smart Plants reply:
Hi Jody, I’m sorry I can’t identify that plant – it reminds me a bit of Polygonatum or Persicaria, the Knotweed, but I have no idea if this is used medicinally. However, it just happens that I know a Registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner who just might know more about it than I do.

Many of these kinds of plants are not grown in North America, and are only available in fresh form from a practitioner who also grows them. This might make it a little difficult to identify, as in some cases, only the dried form is available.

I’ll keep looking!

Comments for Hmong Culture Medicinal Usage? Need Name of Plant

Jan 24, 2012
Thank You For Trying…
by: Jody

Oh please do try. I appreciate your effort in finding the name of this plant so I can do further research. If I can, I’ll have a better photo of the actual plant in couple of days from the coworker. In the meantime, I must use it tonight. πŸ˜€

Jan 25, 2012
The Registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner speaks
by: Jacki

For a professional opinion, Beverly Osachoff, RCMP tells me:

“could be
Polygoni Multiflori (Ye Jiao Teng)
– knotweed. Often used for certain types of arthritis. Especially the kind that gets worse in damp, rainy weather.

Never heard of using the decoction as a topical wash, but hey, why not? Usually we would decoct the vines in water with other herbs and drink the brew. Not too horrible-tasting and works very well.”

So there you have it. Hope that you can find out more about this plant, and have success using it.

Jan 25, 2012
Thank You, Thank You, Thank You…
by: Jody

Thank you very much for finding the name of the plant. It looks just like it. πŸ™‚ I appreciate your help immensely.