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by Amjad
(Amman,Jordan )


Hello Jacki,
i had this baby echeveria from a leaf cutting
back in december,now after 6 moths,
its not getting big enough
are they usually slow growing?
or i should have had a “plant” by now?

Echeveria and other succulents sometimes do stall, and in most cases, it’s because they are in a pot that is too big, and they’re trying to fill it with roots. Smaller pots will prod them into growing more top growth, all things being equal, and the plant gets enough water and nutrients.

Couple of things you can try; pot this little guy up into a small pot, instead of in the larger one.

Make sure the potting soil is well drained; whatever the kind of soil is that you’re using is probably not that great – Echeveria in particular dislike organic type soils, and in addition, they don’t like lime. If this is a ‘balanced’ potting soil, or has the addition of lime that would explain the fact that it’s struggling.

Mix the potting soil half and half with pumice, perlite or other drainage material, like large sand or small gravel.

It is permissible to fertilize, especially in the case of young plants that are stalled. Sometimes this is just what they need. I recommend either compost tea, or water soluble fertilizer that is mixed to about half the usual strength.

Hope this helps get your Echeveria off and running.