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by Amjad
(Amman,Jordan )

Hello Jacki
Any ideas of how can I help my
New hibiscus in the garden to survive frost
In winter?
Thank you

Hi Amjad, without knowing a bit more about exactly which one you have it’s hard to give you much advice; some of the Hibiscus are actually quite hardy, and can withstand a lot of cold, snow and frost, and although they’ll die back completely, they’ll come back from the roots. Others are very tender, and are more evolved for tropical climates.

If you only get a few degrees of cold for a very short time, in most cases you can protect the whole plant with some row cover – don’t use plastic, as it can actually cause more damage because it can’t breathe, water condenses on the inside and then it freezes – result; black, dead plants. Always use something that is porous and will allow air exchange. The spun bonded fabric row covers are best, or thin sheets like old curtains or similar.

If your winter is longer and you have some idea of when your first frost will be happening, then build a wire cage out of chicken wire or something similar and fill the whole thing with dry leaves. A board or piece of plastic on top will stop rain from getting in. Make sure you keep mice out of this – they’ll think you’ve provided them with the perfect winter abode!

Hope this helps with successfully wintering your Hibiscus!