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I have a hibiscus and all the growth is at the top. How do I prune it without killing it or pruning it too far back?

The branches are long with only leaves where it is branching out with little buds/leaves growing in.

Thank You in advance for your help and suggestions.

There are a couple of different kinds of Hibiscus, which are actually hardy ones, which go by the name Rose of Sharon or Rose Mallow, and tropical types.

Each of these would require different treatment, depending on your climate, and how you’re growing the plant (indoors in a pot? Outside, in a tropical climate?)

As you haven’t sent a photo or your location with your question, I’m pretty much flying blind.

I’ll try and cover all the options here, and you may have to do more research on what kind of plant it is exactly.

Many of these plants are herbaceous, meaning they die right back to the roots and have the ability to regrow, in which case you’re in luck, you can just chop the entire stem off and it will come back from the roots; or in the case of tropical ones, new leaves will grow from adventitious dormant buds on the stem.

If you’re at all worried that you may end up cutting too much off, just take the top few inches off, and see where the growth emerges from below that.

In time, if you keep cutting it back, it will get bushier.

Keep in mind that throughout this process, again depending on the exact species you have, you may also be cutting off flower buds, so you won’t get much in the way of blooms, if any.

Some different Hibiscus to look for:

Hibiscus moscheutos – Rose Mallow (perennial)
H. mutabilis – Confederate Rose (deciduous shrub)
H. rosa-sinensis – Tropical Hibiscus, Chinese Hibiscus (evergreen shrub)
H. syriacus – Rose of Sharon (deciduous shrub)

Hope that gives you something to go on,

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Apr 15, 2013
by: Georgina

Thank You soooo much that has helped a lot by the way is is a ‘Montego Wind’ Hibiscus.

Phew, perfect – without knowing more about it, I tried to give you information without overwhelming you! Hope it works out okay,