by Jim

hens and chicks

Hens and Chicks Hiking

thumb hens and chicks

Not sure where my wife got the idea to confiscate a pair of her brothers shoes as a home for the hens and chicks. Maybe we were out of old coffee pots and pottery. Fortunately, my shoes are a lot bigger and there weren’t enough plants to fill them.

Our native soil contains lots of clay, so we used some soil from the flower beds amended with a little bit of leaf mulch and some sand. We did not punch drain holes in the shoes.

Their location on our deck gets sun for most of the day and the hens and chicks spent a pleasant summer with their plant neighbors. Their neighbors are spending the winter in the compost pile, the hens and chicks are spending the winter in a protected spot out of the wind.

Comments for Hens and Chicks Footwear

Mar 27, 2017
I’ve got lots of boots
by: Phil

What a great way to give my old hiking boots a new lease on life! I’ll never throw out another boot or shoe!

Mar 27, 2017
Great Idea
by: Jacki

Hubbies work boots are going to get a makeover, that’s for sure!