Distressed and Weathered, on Purpose

Do you like unique garden plant pots?
There are lots of options for garden plant pots out there, but sometimes you want something a little different.


With the use of plastic at an all time high for planters, there are some that are the right kind of look, but in the wrong colors for your taste.

I found this fabulous pot which is nice and sturdy, with some interesting textures on it.

The swag and the diamond trellis effect gives it an old fashioned look.


However, nice as it is, it’s the wrong color!

I like the bronze look, but plants won’t be happy in it, because dark colors attract more heat.

If it’s in the sun, which it will be because I plant lots of succulents, the roots of the plants will burn.

So what to do? Paint it a lighter color of course! The paint is ragged off to highlight the raised look of the swags embossed in the design. This is what makes it, in my mind!

I love shabby and rustic, so a coat of white acrylic craft paint will work, especially if it’s sanded a bit to reveal the design.

Unifying many different kinds of pots with a theme helps give a display of plants a cohesive look.


Even nicer plastic pot
What do you think? Would you paint your plastic pots to give them a unified look?