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hen and chicks

My hen and chick leafs are turning red;at least I thing it red, and some of the red one look like there rioting. What is wrong with it?

Drought Smart Plants reply: Well, I’m pretty sure you don’t mean rioting, maybe you mean rotting?

Yeah, these look like they are receiving way too much water, and not enough light.

You don’t say where you have them, but these are outdoor plants, and will only thrive with lots of bright sunshine. They can’t live indoors, as even in really bright windows, it’s not enough light for them.

They also cannot under any circumstances, have too much water.

If the soil is wet, then stop watering, take the plant out of the pot, and let the soil dry out.

I mean, dry out completely.

Don’t worry, if you haven’t killed it by overwatering it, there is hope, but only if you do exactly as I recommend.

These plants have the ability to make new roots, if they dry out completely to replace those that are rotted.

This might be enough to save the plant, but leaving it in wet soil any longer will be the death of it for sure, if it’s not too late already.

See this page for more on how to grow Sempervivum.

Best of luck with your poor sick plant,