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Hi Jacki,

While I was away for 3 weeks I left my plants to the apparently not-so-tender care of my neighbour with strict instructions about watering…or not as the case may be.

When I checked on them today I was horrified to see that my beautiful Euphorbia lactea was literally sitting in a pool of water and the soil was sodden. I´ve just finished repotting it using very dry gritty soil after removing wet soil which was clinging to the roots in the hope that it´ll have come to no harm (apart from the insect damage it seems to have suffered during its summer vacation on the patio.)

When I removed it from its pot I noticed that the part of the stem which had been covered is slightly discoloured which I hope is not a sign that it has begun to rot.

My question is should I leave it dry to recover from its bath and, if so, when should I start to water it again?

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Jul 23, 2016

Too nice!
by: Jacki

People treat succulents like other plants – a fern perhaps. Overwatering is the death of more of these plants than any other cause.

I would leave it dry, but not in the sun for at least two weeks, then gradually start to water it by spraying the soil surface lightly. It will take the rest of the summer to really see if there is permanent damage.

As these are grafted using some other common form of the same genus, most likely it will recover, but that depends on not having any set back such as more in the same vein, sitting in too much water.

Best of luck with it, and fingers crossed that it comes through okay.

Jul 23, 2016

Thank you for your advice
by: Euphorbia owner

Thank you! I’m glad it’s not a lost cause. It’s very humid here so I think I’ll bring it into the house and keep a close eye on it.

Jul 23, 2016

by: Jacki

Just make sure it’s getting lots of light, even indoors. A window generally isn’t enough.