by Virginia Allain
(East Wakefield NH)

I’m seeing these being used a lot in container gardens for fairies. A very hot topic on Pinterest.

I’ve recently made a page (on Squidoo) about broken pot fairy gardens that uses hen and chicks. It is getting a lot of attention.

Perhaps you’ll want to write some articles on using these plants for fairy gardening.

Hi Virginia, I’ve been coming across lots of posts and pictures about those too – very cute and appealing! I’ll definitely get on that, and give it my own twist, as usual.

Thanks for the prod into a new direction, and stay tuned for some more on the fairy gardening trend right here.

I do have a page on miniature landscapes, so that’s a start – more to follow.

See you soon!

Comments for Hen and Chicks for the Fairy Garden

Jul 24, 2013
More! More! More!
by: Jacki

Chant with me; More Fairy Gardening stuff! Here’s a page on Plants for Miniature Gardens – enjoy!