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by Carol Sitarski
(Delevan NY)


Crassula arborescens

I have lots of succulents but still confused with growing and dormant times. Since most are from different countries do we follow that countries growing seasons or the season in which we live such as African growing season versus our summer and fall periods. Mine are doing fantastic just following US seasons. What do you think?

Comments for Growing and dormant times

Oct 18, 2019
I agree
by: Jacki Cammidge, Certified Horticulturist

Luckily, plants are really adaptable and can change to meet the conditions they’re in. With one caveat; they have certain needs, depending on where they originated, so you have to provide those basic things (ie; frost free place to overwinter, light in both intensity and daylength etc).

I have heard of people growing cacti who keep tabs on the weather and only water them when it rains in their original habitat, but that may not provide them with the right conditions – they also need specific temperatures, light levels etc.

I think your powers of observation are the most important tool in your arsenal. For some, this is instinctive and really difficult to pin down. It’s known as ‘a green thumb’ in some circles. What it consists of is noticing when your plant looks healthy, and attributing it to the care it receives.

If your plants are doing well under the care you’re giving them, keep doing whatever it is you’re doing! Let them tell you what they need.