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by Helen

Do you think a green roof with either Sempervivum or Sedum would succeed in a shady area under trees, and if not are there any other plants you might suggest? Thanks.

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Feb 26, 2011
Other Great Green Roof Plants
by: Jacki

Hi Helen,
You’re right, Sedum and Sempervivum would prefer more sun than what is available under trees – but there are other worthy plants that you can consider for shaded areas:

Ferns and moss excel in these kinds of conditions – look for the type of ferns that grow in variable climatic conditions, as many of them tend to go dormant if they’re too dry. Moss can be found in many shady areas, and although it too will go dormant it will quickly rebound when moisture comes again.

Certain grasses will appreciate some shade are the Fescues – some of the Festuca glauca clan will grow fine in dappled shade, but not full shade. Try also some of the Carex, as they will thrive in these conditions too.

Many other perennial green roof plants can be used on green roofs, confine your choices to those that don’t mind shallow soil and drought and experiment to find those that do the best for you.