by Lew-Ann


long elephant like trunk. Green oval leaves. Tiny pink flowers

Drought Smart Plants reply:
Hi Lew-Ann, this is one of the most requested plant identifications I get – the Kalanchoe species is wide and varied, but the Kalanchoe blossfeldiana is particularly attractive in bloom. These are commonly grown as houseplants, and you’ll often see them in greenhouses and garden centers, and even in supermarkets.

When they get tall and leggy, you can cut them into pieces and get lots of new plants, for giving to friends, or to put into planters on the deck for the summer. In the cooler nights of approaching fall, they will set buds, which then start to bloom in the later fall and through the winter.

They come in all shades of pink, red and orange, even yellow and white, so you can collect the whole range for bright colorful blooms through out the winter.

Happy Succulent Growing!