Why green bean’ flower fall off from plant

Drought Smart Plants reply:

Green beans flowers are for one purpose only – to attract insects to pollinate them. Most flowers use nectar or in some cases the pollen itself to draw bees and insects.

Once this job is done, the flower is no longer needed, and the young growing bean will push the flower off the stem.

It’s a natural thing that will happen as soon as the bees and other insects find the flower and spread enough pollen around (from other bean flowers) for seeds (the beans) to be fertilized (or pollinated).

If the bees don’t find the bean flower, then it will shrivel and fall off too, but without forming a tiny bean pod underneath it.

Without bees and insects to pollinate our flowers – even beans and peas, we could be in trouble. Plant lots of plants for bees bees or a nectar corridor to attract more to your garden.