by Amjad
(Amman,Jordan )

What signs to look for to unzip tha bag
and let them breath,
Secondly , does this this work with succulents?

There are a couple of things to look for; if there is any sign of rotting or blackened leaves, opt it right away and remove the damaged parts. This is a sign that there is too much moisture, so leave the bag open for a few hours, and let it air out.

One thing that helps if this seems to be a common issue with this method is to immerse the cuttings in a 10% bleach solution very briefly, then allow them to dry off before sticking them in the bag.

If there are large droplets of condensation, air the bag for at least an hour, and maybe move it into a shadier spot.

No, do not use this method for succulents; it doesn’t help them root at all. They absolutely need to be dry to root. They will root on top of perfectly dry soil, they don’t even need the soil to be sprayed, and they will simply rot if they’re kept too humid.

Hope that gives you more direction,