We moved from mi to co n my cactus is slowly dying I only water once a week. But I need help it was my mom s before she passed

I need more information! What makes you think it’s dying, for one thing? Is it going brown? Leaves falling off? Rotting? Please give me more to go on than simply, slowly dying. Describe exactly what’s happening.

Watering these plants once a week is too much. They need a dry dormancy after blooming, so if you have been watering it ever since the winter, stop now; it may be telling you something. See the page all about Schlumbergera, which is the botanical name for Christmas Cactus. They have really particular requirements, and if you don’t follow these, then the plant will suffer – sometimes they take a lot of abuse before they finally keel over, but in some cases, they just can’t take any more.

Please tell me more about what is going on, and I’ll try and give you more ideas on what to do (or, what not to do, if it’s overwatering!)

Get back to me with more,