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by Cat Kuder
(Mesa, AZ USA)


Tecoma stans, Yellow Bells

live in zone 9a & b near Phoenix. Planted Tacoma Yellow bell shrubs 8 weeks ago, 15 gal. size.

Landscaper planted with all the correct things. They are growing long green bean looking things. Can you tell me what to do, or are they through blooming already?

Someone online said to get the seeds out of the pods. I just planted this bed and am not interested in planting seeds. I am holding my breath they are not finished flowering. Only in ground 8 weeks.

Comments for Green Beans on a Tacoma Yellow Bell??!!

May 05, 2019
To everything a season
by: Jacki Cammidge, Certified Horticulturist

Although Tecoma stans is supposed to have a long flowering season, the fact that it now has to contend with a new place, with different soil, climate and watering than it’s used to, combined with the expectation that it will just ignore being ripped out of its home and flower like usual is where you’re going wrong.

If the ‘landscaper’ did everything right, and used the correct method for preparing the planting hole, all you need to do is relax and have patience.

The ‘green beans’ you mention are most likely seed pods, and the advice you’ve already received is sound; remove them so the energy goes into getting established, not producing seed. They didn’t mean to plant them. Just take them off the plant so it doesn’t have to divert the juice into ripening them.

Eight weeks is nothing for this plant; it can and will live many years if it’s happy, blooming every year.

I suggest getting more familiar with its ways, such as on this website; San Marcos Growers.

Best of luck with it!