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by Helen


The seeds from which these three plants germinated were in a seed packet which was labelled “French Marigolds”. All the other resultant plants were clearly French marigolds, and like most annuals, died at the first frost.

These three, perhaps because they were in a sheltered position on a window ledge, not only survived the winter, but started blooming again in March.

My question is should I allow some flowers to go to seed in autumn and sow them the following spring or should I take the chance of these remarkable plants surviving yet another winter? I´d really hate to lose them.

Comments for French Marigolds? Maybe.

Apr 28, 2020
by: Jacki Cammidge, Certified Horticulturist

Those are gorgeous, Helen. I think some Calliopsis seeds got in there somehow.

However, these are probably not going to be long lived, even if they are perennial. I would do both; save some seeds, AND test them out to see if they will make it another winter.

It’s possible that they got just enough warmth on the roots to keep them going, and they’re not going to be hardy anywhere else. It will be fun to try though!

I would love to know how you make out with these remarkable plants!

Apr 29, 2020
Thank you
by: Helen

Thank you for your advice, much appreciated. I’ll do as you said and hope to have even more lovely flowers next year.