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by Amjad


Hello Jackie,
Is it possible to get twin baby echeveria
from rooted cutting,do they grow as this,
can we separate them later?

Hi Amjad, I sometimes find that the little plants tend to compete with each other, and get really leggy, so the sooner you can separate them the better they can grow.

Here’s what I would do:

Get a really sharp razor blade, and cut between them.

Let them dry out so they callous, and then pot them onto some dry potting soil – even if they have roots just set them on top of the soil and the delicate roots will find their way down into it.

You can mulch with some kind of small pebbles or rock to help anchor them.

You can even cut the leaf in half if they are still depending on it for nourishment.

Alternately, you can just cut one of the plants off below the first few leaves and treat it like a tiny cutting – follow the instructions below.

The important thing is to keep them quite dry until all the cut surfaces have healed, or you run the risk of losing them to rot.

As they start to grow, use a spray bottle to just water the soil a tiny bit, and avoid getting the water on the foliage at first. Pretend that the spray is just dew, not a torrential rainstorm.

Bright light, but not full sun is best – in a natural situation, the babies would tend to lodge against a rock or close to the mother plant after they fall off, so they need protection at first.

Have fun!